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About Vito Dicecca

My story begins in Apulia

and comes full circle back to Apulia, having travelled round the entire world.

My name is Vito Dicecca and I was born in 1985 in Altamura into a family of cheese-makers, whose experience and tradition have been handed down for generations.

When I was nine years old, my brother and I used to help my father make “nodini” with our tiny hands. On finishing secondary school, i decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and dedicate myself to the art of cheese-making: I worked full-time at our dairy farm but I still felt I had to carve out a place in the world.

That’s why, at the age of eighteen, I left for Australia. Little did I know that over the next four years I would travel ceaselessly, nor that my cheese would lead me to incredible experiences in 63 countries.

My first stop was Perth, then on to Melbourne: surfing and selling kebabs to sustain myself while living in a hostel. Word of my being an experienced cheese-maker soon spread and a company interested in making mozzarella contacted me. Suddenly I was there, in the middle of Australia, doing what I do best.
After Australia, the States, specifically California: here I met Matthew, a Frenchman, who had thirty years' experience in a dairy making Roquefort. A life-changing event that made me realize that the production of blue cheeses was something I loved. That’s how I became set on experimenting with it back in Altamura at my dairy, in my forest.
United States
So I packed my bags with four years of meaningful contacts with passionate gastronomes, cheese-makers and restaurant owners from all over the world. Only back home, did I understand how enriching this experience had been. Today I know that my place in the world is here, in this wonderful place. I also know that I will never stop travelling but will always return to my family and my dairy. There is a continuous thread running between tradition and the future.
Return to Puglia

Murgia is the headquarters of our cheese-making dream, where all my projects come to life with the help of my precious ally Roberta, my partner in life.
After the birth of Chiara, this way of life has gradually grown into a long-term path for the future of our family. By taking her to the forest every day, we anchor ourselves to Mother Earth and we define our mission: combining food, nature and nurture. That’s what we try to do in our little kiosk in the forest.

Baby Dicecca, Casa Dicecca, our love for Chiara and our wish for a simple yet authentic life, in harmony with nature. And finally here, our beloved Mercadante forest, is home to our most genuine dreams.

Dreams for Baby Dicecca, Casa Dicecca, our love for Chiara and our wish for a simple yet authentic life, come together in harmony with nature.


The dairy farm, Apulia region, the Murge area and the Mercadante forest. Authentic and genuine experiences, immersed in our land.


Call me

Caseificio Dicecca: 380 788 4630
Vito Dicecca: 333 3038 348
Roberta De Lia: 348 8795 428


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