The Cheese Experience

The Cheese Experience

Caseificio Dicecca, Via Bari 26, 70022, Altamura (BA)




3 hours 45 minutes

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Old knowledge, new flavours and... forest life!

If you are up for a full immersion in history, tradition and nature, then you should not miss our tour. It will take you from the pulsating heart of our activity, the Dicecca dairy farm in Altamura to the core of our lives, the Mercadante forest. During the tour, you will get a chance to taste our best cheeses, carefully paired with suitable wines, as well as to experience cheese production live, in a perfect blend of tradition, culture and culinary delight.

We will then walk to the center of Altamura where you will visit one of the oldest ovens in town, renowned for its traditional bakery. Along the way, we will stop again for a visit to the Monastery of Santa Chiara followed by shopping at the pastry shop in front of the church. This is the bakery where the tradition of the "tette delle monache" was born, the typical sweets also known as the "Sospiri Pugliesi", which we will buy to take with us and enjoy after lunch accompanied by the Padre Beppe Elixir liqueur.

After visiting the old town, it’s time for a change of setting: you will drive your car for about 13 km to reach Baby Dicecca, our cheese bar in the forest!
The Mercadante forest, a green lung inside the Alta Murgia Park, will be the perfect backdrop for your lunch surrounded by the sounds of nature. Here, outside our small wooden kiosk, you will enjoy the slow pace of a meal based on cheese and other typical delicacies. A tour that will always hold a special place in your heart for the authenticity of ancient places, village tales and artisanal craftsmanship.

Our tour:

  • When: Monday to Saturday, except on holidays
  • Duration: from about 9.40 am to 2 pm
  • Where: Caseificio Dicecca, Via Bari 26, 70022, Altamura (BA) Baby Dicecca, Foresta Mercante, 70020, Cassano delle Murge (BA)
  • Telephone: 380 788 4630 (Caseificio); 348 8795428 (Foresta)
  • Costs: 180euros per person (110 euros tour; 70 euros lunch); free for children under 10.
  • Booking: Obligatory. A deposit is required for booking.
  • Covid rules: maximum 15 people. Dairy entrance limited (3-4 people at a time) with current health
    guidelines of mitigation.

What is included in this experience?

  • Visit to the Dicecca cheese factory
  • Cheese tasting with wine
  • Guided visit to the oldest bakery in town
  • Focaccia tasting
  • Guided tour of the historical center of Altamura
  • Lunch at Baby Dicecca
  • Tasting of typical sweets


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The dairy farm, Apulia region, the Murge area and the Mercadante forest. Authentic and genuine experiences, immersed in our land.


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