What to do in the majestic Mercadante Forest: our tips

A day in close contact with nature just a few kilometers away, and less than an hour’s drive, from the center of Bari? The Mercadante Forest is a green oasis for those who feel the need to escape from the city, to run to open spaces full of opportunities and experiences they can take advantage of.

Mercadante Forest, what it is and where precisely it is located

Majesty and pristine appearance characterize the Mercadante Forest, a forest created since 1926 to counter hydrogeological instability in the territory of the province of Bari, which historically was prone to destructive flooding and inundation throughout the area.

It currently covers about 1,300 hectares in the municipality of Cassano delle Murge, although it touches the Altamura area of concern in some places. 

Mercadante Forest, what to do inside

Those who are not satisfied with a simple day out in a beautiful setting have many opportunities that the protected forest area of the Mercadante Forest offers:

  • Trekking and hiking: an environment that lends itself perfectly to activities of this kind. Ideal for walking or biking, there are already marked trails, such as the loop trail that passes through Borgo Fra Diavolo
  • Picnics: there are several at the equipped areas with tables and seating made of stone or wood. There is, however, an absolute ban on barbecues and fires.
  • Nature exploration: There is a very wide variety of flora and fauna within the forest. From kestrel hawks to buzzards and common owls and barn owls. An unmissable opportunity for birdwatchers and others.
    Also, the chance to accompany the youngest children on a journey of discovery of nature, in a well-kept, safe and, of course, surrounded by greenery.

The Baby Di Cecca Tasting Experience inside the Mercadante Forest is, of course, not to be missed!

Mercadante Forest, here is the Baby Di Cecca Tasting.

My partner Roberta and I fell in love with this little kiosk while walking through the forest with our daughter Chiara, seeing her getting dirty in the earth and running around barefoot. A place of contact with nature that we wanted to dedicate just to her and that today we dedicate to all of you, with the hope of giving you moments of authentic life and genuine flavor. There is no menu at Baby Dicecca’s: there is us, Vito and Roberta, ready to guide you through a tasting of the best of our production and that of other local realities.

This is what you read on our website and this is the story we want to tell every time a guest approaches our kiosk ready to live with us what is, first of all, a real experience. Made of colors and flavors. Of smells mingling with the fresh earth of the forest.

How the experience is organized:

  • Hours: 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Where: Baby Dicecca, Mercadante Forest, 70020, Cassano delle Murge (BA)
  • Telephone: 348 8795428
  • Price: €60 per person (€60 lunch or dinner, wines included); free entrance for children under 10.
  • Booking: required, with €20 deposit per table
  • Max no. of people: 40 seats outside. We do not have indoor seating.

We also do private events by reservation, up to a maximum of 30 people.

There is nothing more to say, except that we are waiting in the forest for you to taste all our beloved products!

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